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Wow, it's September already! There is so much going on.

The Skrillex commission is one of the last for a short while. There's one more week-long trip coming up, and, if things go accordingly, I'm moving in October! I have never moved, save for college. It is simultaneously exciting and daunting.

This means that from now on I will be pretty busy -- going through my stuff to see what I can get rid of, preparing mentally because the move involves job-hunting (something at which I am terrible), dealing with this other trip in the middle of the month, and wrapping up several projects of mine, some of which have sat idly for a year. August was party month, September is serious business.

But I really want to open commissions when I get more settled in October. I like making them and I have a lot of new ideas, you like getting cute things (or giving them as holiday gifts... hint hint), and to be honest, I don't know what kind of job I'll get, or when. As the saying goes, every little bit helps. And as much as it would help right now, I cannot take time for commissions while I am preparing to upheave my life. I hope you understand, I am a slow-moving forest hermit.

If you want to, uh, reserve a slot?? are people going to be jumping up and down for one (no), please note me or even talk to me online?!? I have discovered I am a lot worse at AIM than I used to be. I forget to sign on, or when I remember it's super late and I'm sleepy, and I can't seem to carry on a conversation to save my life. So uh... somebody encourage me to do that, otherwise I'm going to sit here awkwardly and forever alone. I added my screen names to my deviantID SO YEAH.
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September 3, 2011


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