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Just wanted to plug this group: :iconhomestuckgrubs: For art of very cute Homestuck material, which includes chibi-style and, of course, wigglers. I'm a mod there, so check it out. }:3

Regarding my grubs -- I can't sell them, so please don't ask. I am up for trades of equally cute crafts, but I reserve the right to say no.

I've got other sculpture plans in the works, but I've had some terrible art ADD the past few months. Moving made life worse in every respect, but now that I'm back at my old home, things should improve. It's my goal to open both sculpture and drawing commissions this summer. :eager:

Edit 3/26: I've been working full-time since the beginning of March, and have been pretty scarce with my tablet, clay, and dA. Oh well! See you when I see you, fanart world.
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Submitted on
February 29, 2012


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